We fully approve of McDonald’s new menu addition

The year 2016 is right around the corner and McDonald’s has some exciting news for us —in the form of mozzarella sticks, but of course!

Certain McDonald’s locations in New York have been experimenting with mozzarella sticks, but it has come to our attention that this menu item will soon become available nationwide. At many McDonald’s restaurants around the country, you’ll be able to buy three mozz sticks for just one dollar. Now that’s a price I can get behind. According to Buzzfeed the idea for offering mozzarella sticks comes from McDonald’s regional and international stores, something that Mike Andres, the president of McDonald’s USA spoke on:

With offerings like fried cheese bites in the United Kingdom, it makes sense for United States McDonald’s restaurants to delve into a whole new world of menu items.

You can probably expect to see new items on McDonald’s menus throughout the years as the company is focusing on growth and change. The fast food chain already added all-day breakfast to most US locations, they’re testing out sweet potato fries, and they’re planning on transitioning to using 100 percent free-range eggs in their breakfast items.

It seems like McDonald’s is definitely doing something right, because after several bad fiscal years, the company is finally seeing some growth in its third quarter.

2016 cannot come fast enough!

All images via Shutterstock, Twitter.