McDonald’s makes a Minion that sounds like it’s cursing

Ah, Minions. You love them or you hate them, but either way, they’re taking over. These little yellow, uh, blobs, got their start in the Despicable Me movie back in 2010, and now have a feature film of their own, in theaters now. Everyone’s excited, so much so that even McDonald’s has come out with a Happy Meal toy that mimics the little creatures…but maybe not in the way you’d expect.

Ever since McDonald’s released the little plastic fast food companions, parents have been complaining that when turned on and tapped, the toy says something wildly inappropriate.  Take a listen for yourself (warning: there’s cursing…maybe).

You hear that, right? It sounds like this little children’s toy is cackling and exclaiming “What the f*ck?” for all to hear. McDonald’s insists that this isn’t the case, stating “Minions speak ‘Minionese,’ which is a random combination of languages and nonsense words.”

But a few parents aren’t buying it. A father of a child who received the toy told Fox 28:

But perhaps we only hear it because we’re looking for it. Some parents didn’t hear anything but some innocent chirping coming from a made-up creature. Besides, the target audience probably isn’t old enough to pick up on that phrase yet, in which case, we’re in the clear. If they start speaking fluent Minionese, however, then we have a problem.

(Image via Facebook)

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