McDonald’s newest addition their menu looks delicious

McDonald’s just added two new items to its menu, and we think fans of the fast food chain will be pretty happy about them — especially if they’re only a little bit hungry. At least the Canadian fans will happy, as these new additions are currently only available in Canada. Le sigh.

Introducing the McTasters! They’re basically McDonald’s version of sliders.

The two-item line of McTasters includes a mini-burger and a mini-chicken sandwich. Each sandwich sells for $2.99 and has around 370 calories.

The Greek McTaster is a 100% beef patty and comes loaded with a Mediterranean olive sauce, onion, lettuce, tomato, and is sandwiched (literally) in artisan bun topped with herbs.

The Italian McTaster is a mini-chicken patty topped with Parmesan cheese flakes, lettuce, tomato  and a Parmesan and Italian herb sauce, on the same herb-topped artisan bun. Because McDonald’s doesn’t mess around with deliciousness.

The McTasters aren’t the first snack-sized menu items McDonald’s has offered — the first being the chopped chicken patty in a mini-tortilla back in 2006. McDonald’s Canada introduced the Mac Snack Wrap in 2009, which was essentially half a Big Mac inside a wrap. The Mac Snack Wrap made its way to the U.S. in 2010.

But it’s probably safe to say the McTasters are a step up from previous snack-sized additions, mainly because they aren’t half of anything.

So Canadians, if you’re craving some fast food sliders, you know what to do.

(Featured image via Twitter)