McDonald’s has officially added McGriddles to its all-day breakfast menu and yup, we’re psyched

Last year, McDonald’s fans were thrilled to hear that their favorite fast food chain would be offering breakfast all day long. (Honestly, breakfast *should* be an all-day-long thing as it is. Def the best meal of the day.) But then we were dismayed to discover that the menu wouldn’t include hash browns or McGriddles. What’s a McDonald’s breakfast without a McGriddle?!

Luckily, in January, McDonald’s announced that it’s in the process of rolling out all-day McGriddles — which are sausage, egg and cheese sandwiches between two sweet griddle cakes — and now, they’ve fulfilled that promise.


The Associated Press reports that after testing the addition of the McGriddle to its all-day menu, McDonald’s is planning to officially offer the tasty sandwich 24/7. And with that delightful piece of news, we’re already drooling.

Previously, McDonald’s kept things simple by making sandwiches with either English muffins or biscuits. However, McGriddles were a top request from customers, and so they’ve now added the syrup-y pancake buns as a choice as well.


So when will we be able to get our hands on a McGriddle any time of day we want? McDonald’s said it will start offering them nationwide in August and “spread to other markets throughout September.” We’re crossing our fingers that all-day hash browns will follow suit . . . but we’re certainly not complaining.