People are losing their minds over the new McDonald’s Happy Meal addition

McDonald’s made a lot of changes in 2015 — some were welcomed with open arms (and mouths) while others were not. Like when they introduced the all-day breakfast menu but then left hash browns off of it. Or when the chain introduced lobster rollsmozzarella sticks and truffle fries to the menu and people lost their minds. Some people were stoked, while some definitely didn’t appreciate the change.

WELL, they’ve done it again. McDonald’s has introduced another new item to the menu, the Happy Meal menu to be exact — and this time it’s macaroni and cheese. Yup, mac and cheese is officially being offered on the Happy Meal menu as an alternative to fries or as an a-la-carte item. Because when you want to replace carbs, might as well do it with more carbs. Or something like that.

The mac and cheese goes for $1.75 and has around 190 calories per serving. It’s only available at select stores — as of now, it’s only been spotted at one location in Cleveland, OH.

And per usual, some people aren’t super into the change, some don’t know how to feel and others are lovin’ it.  

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