McDonald’s will soon release a menu item nationwide that includes kale *and* Sriracha

Hold the McFlurry. Is McDonald’s — home of the Happy Meal — really planning to offer Sriracha AND kale in one menu item?! Are we talking about the same McDonald’s? Yep, we are. The Signature Sriracha burger will be at McDonald’s restaurants nationwide later this month, and holy moly this one’s going to blow your mind (and taste buds).

If you’re wondering why this McDonald’s menu item sounds familiar, you’re not losing it. The kale and Sriracha Mac sauce sandwich was offered at a few select McDonald’s locations in the U.S. last year. But if you haven’t sampled it yet, now’s your big chance to try the blend of baby kale and spinach with the new Sriracha Mac sauce, on a quarter-pound beef patty, buttermilk crispy chicken, or grilled chicken.

Sounds like McDonald’s is stepping up their game!

McDonald’s had already added kale to their salad blends, so the addition of the leafy green to their sandwiches and burgers isn’t a huge shock.

But the Sriracha is what we’re really here for! McDonald’s is calling it “where spicy meets cool,” and that is definitely what we’ve been waiting for.

More of a nuggets fan? That’s okay, because the Sriracha Mac sauce (which is Sriracha mixed with Big Mac Special Sauce) will be available for purchase as a dipping sauce, too. Now, we’re not sure — is the chicken nugget just a vehicle for Sriracha Mac sauce, or is the Sriracha Mac sauce merely a condiment?

This new sauce might be causing a McNugget McIdentity Crisis, but it’s likely worth the inner turmoil, because it will taste so good.

While a plain hamburger from McDonald’s is the lowest-calorie item on the menu, it’s bound to be worthwhile to upgrade it to a Signature Sriracha burger — and hey, kale is good for you, so really maybe it’s the healthiest item on the menu now!

*Burger drop.*

We really don’t know if it’s the healthiest item at McDonald’s, but the new Signature Sriracha burger will probably be delicious, and that’s really the reason why we love McDonald’s, isn’t it?