McDonald’s is offering a super-sized McFlurry, and it’s basically a huge party in a cup

While the winter season takes a lot away from us like warmth, steady sunshine and an overall sense of happiness, what it will never steal from us are our non-stop ice cream cravings. If the sweet dairy product is on your list of year-round comfort foods, then McDonald’s has a giant McFlurry with your name on it.

The good news? This is actually happening in real life and is definitely one of those things we didn’t dream. But — and it’s a pretty big one — this super-sized McFlurry belongs on the list of foreign McDonald’s menu items we *really* wished we had in the U.S.; It’s only being offered in France and Spain at the moment.

We’ll give you a moment for inevitable (and fully warranted) emotional breakdown.

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Yeah, we know. It totally sucks. But let’s hold our heads high in confidence that there are still plenty of delicious McDonald’s menu items to be had. Seriously, let us not forget about the Chicken McGriddle on the all-day breakfast menu. We’re still grateful that it decided to grace us with its presence, so we’ll keep that image in mind so we can continue discussing this McFlurry that we *might* be willing to fly several thousand miles to sample.

It came to locations in France in November. The name alone makes us simultaneously drool and seethe with envy. Dubbed The McFlurry Party (ugh, we’re so jealous), it comes with four cups if you’re inclined to share, plus a lid in case you try to eat it all on your own but can’t.

No word on the available flavors or whether this particular item will ever make its way stateside, but we’re so disappointed it’s not already here! Somehow, we can’t help but think they bypassed the U.S. as some sort of payback for all the times we complained about those weird McFlurry’s spoons.

But if McDonald’s finds it in their precious hearts to bless us with this super-sized McFlurry, we promise to take back everything we said.