McDonald’s is giving away Big Mac sauce — here’s how you can get it

We love getting our mornings off to a mouthwatering start, so we’ll let you in on some of today’s taste bud-teasing fun, too: McDonald’s is giving away Big Mac sauce to bring the flavor of your homemade giant Big Macs that much closer to the real thing.

This is not a drill, everyone. McDonald’s loves us so much that they’re willing to go all out to make up for suggesting we dip our fries in our milkshakes (lots of Mickey D lovers were *so* not into that idea) by giving away 10,000 bottles of their Big Mac Special Sauce.

Aw gee, McDonald’s. You’re gonna make us cry! We knew we were like family to you guys, but honestly we’re blown away by this extreme display of generosity. Now, allow us to commemorate this announcement by gleefully shoveling loads of your yummy fries into our faces.

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But back to the sauce. As Today reports, you too can become the proud owner of an 11.4-oz bottle of the Big Mac special sauce on Thursday, January 26 to try out on McDonald’s two newly introduced Big Macs or to drink straight from the bottle.

Just kidding! What’s the sauce without the burger, ya know? Anyway, the fast food chain will dole out the sauce on its social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) at 1 p.m. CT, as well as at participating restaurants nationwide. Interested parties (read: all of us) can locate the restaurant that’s giving away the sauce by using an iMessage app that contains a secret code. Share the code and get your sauce.

Hopefully you’ll be one of the lucky 10,000. No worries, though: If we get to the sauce before you do, we’ll totally be willing to share.