McDonald’s just majorly upped the ante on their fries

McDonald’s has been making some major changes as of late. From testing out table service in California to introducing truffle fries in Singapore, it’s clear the restaurant company is looking to try new things. And now, in Australia, they’re offering up something totally new in their fry world: loaded fries.

In the United States, it’s pretty easy to get cheese fries, as we put cheese on pretty much everything (and I’m certainly not complaining). However, as Mashable notes, if Australians want to indulge in some good ol’ cheese fries, they’ve got to pretty much make ’em themselves, because they’re hard to find. That is, until now.

Starting today, in their “Bring Fries To Life” campaign, McDonald’s (or, as Australians like to say, Macca’s!) is offering their customers one of two (or, heck, both!) “loaded fries” options — a guacamole and salsa combo or a bacon and cheese sauce option. Um, YUM.

Mark Lollback, chief marketing officer of McDonald’s Australia, said in a statement:

Honestly, sounds pretty delicious, even if they’re most certainly a guilty pleasure. However, it’s something that may look delicious in the advertisements, but might look pretty different when you order ’em through the drive-through.

Aussies, try them out for us and let us know how they are; if they’re as delicious as they sound, we can only hope they roll out in the States soon. Loaded fries would bring a *whole* new dimension to that late-night McDonald’s run, because after all — you can’t have enough guacamole or cheese in your life.


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(Images via McDonald’s.)