Where to buy McDonald’s fried cheese donuts, which are making our stomachs cringe

Normally, anything involving the word “donut” or the word “cheese” is an instant win, but is putting them together really a good idea? Apparently, a major fast food chain thinks so. McDonald’s fried cheese donuts are now being sold in Germany, and we can’t decide if this is the best idea or the worst idea. Either way, McDonald’s has us curious.

Food blog Chew Boom seems to be the first to have discovered that these donuts exist, and they’re certainly…interesting. According to the blog, they’re called Camembert Donuts, and they’re described as “a ring of real Camembert cheese breaded up and deep-fried until crispy and golden on the outside.” So basically, these are donuts in shape only. Really, they’re just deep-fried cheese (which we can definitely get behind).

In case you’re not familiar with Camembert cheese, it’s a soft, melty cow’s milk cheese that’s similar to Brie (aka it sounds like it’d be amazing after a trip through the deep fryer).

You can buy a seven-pack of the donuts for $4.90 in U.S. dollars, and it comes with cranberry dipping sauce, adding a touch of sweetness to this salty snack.

The below video has surfaced of someone trying the donut for the first time, and even though he’s not speaking English, yumminess is not constrained by language barriers. It’s easy to see that this guy, at least, approves.


Greasy? Yes. Fried? Yes. Way too cheesy for a healthy diet? Yes. Our stomachs probably wouldn’t be happy, but that isn’t stopping us from wanting to sample these.

Unfortunately, only McDonald’s locations in Germany are selling the donuts for now, so if you want to try them out, a plane ticket is definitely required. However, if they’re a major success over there, who knows? They could come to America next — and judging from the fact that these sound like glorified mozzarella sticks, it’s basically guaranteed that they’d find a fanbase over here, too.

Your move, McDonald’s. We’re down to try these fried cheese donuts whenever you want to bring them to the states.