McDonald’s Diet Coke DOES taste better than the Diet Coke you buy at the store

All the most die-hard Diet Coke lovers out there know that there’s a big difference from the Diet Coke you buy at the gas station and the Diet Coke you order at McDonald’s. The latter simply tastes better and is more satisfying. For the longest time we thought it was just us, that we were just making it all up in our heads. But McDonald’s has spilled the beans. They explained why they do, in fact, have the best Diet Coke on the planet.

Spoon University did some poking around and found that McDonald’s answered the following question on a FAQ section of their website: “Why does the Coca-Cola taste so good at McDonald’s?” Apparently there are a lot of people out there who are dying to hear the answer to this question just as much as we are.

First of all, the difference lies in the containers in which Coca-Cola is delivered to McDonald’s. Most fast food joints get their Coca-Cola syrup sent to them in plastic bags (yuck). But McDonald’s is all about the stainless steel containers, which keeps the soda fresher for longer. Plus, once they receive their soda syrup they automatically chill it so that when it goes into the fountain dispenser it can maintain its freshness.

McDonald’s also has a fancy filtration system. This means the water that mixes with the syrup is clean and tasty. Just like the soda syrup, this fresh water is also kept chilled, which contributes to the overall crisp taste.

Finally, McDonald’s is very particular about their drink straws. They’re intentionally thick AF, which allows for the Diet Coke to hit every one of your taste buds. McDonald’s straws are wider than what you might find at Burger King or Wendy’s. To them, the bigger the straw the better the taste.

There you go — mystery solved! The next time you’re craving a Diet Coke, choose the route home that takes you straight to a McDonald’s drive thru.