McDonald’s is quietly testing out a chicken and waffle sandwich

McDonald’s upping their breakfast game. Big time.

Not only did they recently launch their very popular all-day breakfast policy, but they’re adding some delicious and delightful new options to the menu, as well. Items that toe the line between breakfast and dinner (and heaven). I’m talking about the new Chicken McGriddle, which a variation on the traditional southern dish, chicken and waffles. It’s a crispy fried chicken patty sandwiched between two maple-infused waffle-like buns.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to wipe all this drool from my face.


While the idea of chicken and waffles may not be a completely original, it is a exciting to see it on the McDonald’s menu, because that means more access to this tasty treat on the go.

Right now, the Chicken McGriddle is only being tested at a select few stores for the lucky people of Ohio. While they’re not openly talking about going national with the menu item yet, it’s definitely not out of the realm of possibility. If the sandwich is popular enough during it’s run in Ohio, McDonald’s might be inclined to roll it out to more locations in the future.

To which, all we have to say is: Yes, please!