McDonald’s is now serving breakfast happy meals featuring a perfect twist on your fave menu item

There’s been a serious arms race in the fast food industry with all of the crazy menu items that chains like Taco Bell, Burger King, and Pizza Hut have released so far this year, so the fact that McDonald’s is actually doing something relatively normal and most likely profitable is refreshing AF. Also, we just love McDonald’s.

The fast food burger chain announced that they’ll be rolling out ALL DAY Breakfast Happy Meals on Monday, but with a slight twist on a classic menu item. According to a McDonald’s spokesperson:

"The All Day Breakfast Happy Meals come with either an egg-and-cheese McMuffin or two McGriddles cakes [that’s just the maple-flavored buns, without the egg and meat found on the adult version of the sandwich] plus a side of hash browns, apples, or yogurt."

That’s right — McGriddle BUNS! That’s actually pretty genius TBH.

There’s one catch though: The All Day Breakfast Happy Meals are only available in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area. However, if this test goes well in Tulsa, All Day Breakfast Happy Meals could roll out nationwide as early as 2017.

This is also the first time in THIRTY years that the burger chain has added a new entree to their Happy Meal menu.

Alright, who’s heading to Oklahoma with us to try this baby out?