McDonald’s Big Mac Sauce is selling on eBay for an insane amount of money

You’ve got to be pretty desperate to shell out $10,000 for a bottle of McDonald’s Big Mac Sauce, but according to Delish, some hard-up sauce seekers are doing just that on eBay. A few days ago, McDonald’s gave away bottles of Big Mac Special sauce — 10,000, to be exact — for free. But since it was a one-time event, and the 11.4-oz. bottles of Big Mac Sauce are limited-edition, people are doing exactly what’s expected of them when the free stuff runs out: capitalizing off the demand in an insanely huge way.

We don’t think McDonald’s would appreciate this obvious price-gouging enterprise, but hey, who are we to judge? If you want the sauce, you want the sauce. And if you have 10 stacks to drop on some burger sauce, then more power to ya.

Meanwhile, the thought of spending this kind of cash on a condiment is something we can only dream about.

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But as Delish reports, even we had that type of money on reserve for sauce-purchasing purposes, there’s no guarantee that we’d be successful at nabbing a bottle, because apparently, there’s more than one person willing to pay a huge cost to be the sauce boss.

"Many of the listings on eBay note that they're "on fire," with 60 or more users viewing the item per hour," the site reports. "The average price has been hovering between $100 and $200. Though there are some outliers priced at $57, $500, and $999."

Sheesh. We enjoy McDonald’s sauce as much as the next customer, but that is way too rich for our burger-loving blood.

While these sauce-seekers are basically betting the farm on a bottle, we’ll be patiently waiting on someone to come up with a homemade recipe that tastes just as good as the original and cost 1/1000 of these outlandish online prices.