McDonald’s April Fools’ Day prank looks weirdly delicious

It’s April 1st, 2019, which means it’s April Fools’ Day, and one of our favorite fast food chains is officially pranking us all on Instagram (at least…we think this is a prank). McDonald’s got all the way into the April Fools’ spirit by posting about its new “dipping sauces”…and they’re, um, shall we say, interesting.

Right now, McDonald’s is advertising milkshake-inspired “shake sauces.”

There’s strawberry shake sauce, chocolate shake sauce, vanilla shake sauce, and yes—even Shamrock shake sauce (in a sickly green). The commercial for the “product” was posted to Instagram today, April 1st, and it shows chicken nuggets and French fries getting dipped into the various flavors.

Most of the brand’s Instagram followers instantly new something was afoot. “April Fools,” one commenter wrote, with another writing, “This is the grossest April Fools ever.”

Another chimed in with a simple, "DISGUSTING."

But others actually wish the new sauces were the real deal.

“April Fools? I bloody hope not” one person wrote. Another said, “def an April fools, but shouldn’t be.”

What are your thoughts on shake sauces: epically gross or just plain epic?

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