This is not a drill: McDonald’s all-day breakfast menu launches next month!

After a lot of rumors and whispers in the wind, we are so excited to learn that as of next month, McDonald’s will be offering breakfast ALL DAY LONG. That’s right! Soon you will be able to enjoy those impossibly delicious hashbrowns and McMuffins alongside your regular McDonald’s day-menu favorites.

The nationwide roll-out will start on October 6, although tests have already made all-day breakfast available in San Diego and Nashville. Franchisees will have some leeway to determine which items to offer based on local preference, and a lot of them are expected to need some new equipment to keep up with both the breakfast menu and the regular menu. But according to LeeAnn Richards, who led a task force to determine whether or not all-day breakfast
should be implemented (yes, there’s a task force for that), most franchise owners totally back the change.

“They were excited to not have to tell customers at 10:30 (a.m.), ‘Sorry, we can’t serve you breakfast,’” she told Chicago Tribune. “It’s nice when you can give people what they want, what they’ve been asking for.”

And, boy, have people been asking for this. In the past year alone, McD’s has fielded over 12,000 Twitter requests for the all-day breakfast menu. It’s actually been the number one request from customers for years, McDonald’s president, Mike Andres, told USA Today.

Of course it has: there is no wrong time to eat a cheesy, delicious breakfast sandwich. Is it October yet?

(Image via McDonald’s)


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