There’s a McCafé in Paris that’s unlike any we’ve ever seen before and we are totally intrigued

McDonad’s has never been afraid to experiment. In fact, keeping up with the changing tastes and times is part of what has made the chain so popular for so long (that and the obviously delicious food options). Now they’ve taken that love for change one step farther and just opened up a McCafé in Paris that is unlike anything they’ve ever created before.

The biggest change in this McCafé is on the menu. Or, rather, it’s not on the menu.

This Parisian McDonald’s does not offer any form of hamburger. Or nuggets. Or fries


According to Grub Street, this concept store has food options for any meal throughout the day. But instead of the more traditional food you’d expect to see available at a McDonald’s, it offers foods that passersby might consider sitting and snacking on. There are pastries, coffees, and club sandwiches that they proudly display.

In fact, there is apparently nothing in the store that indicates it belongs to the larger food chain.

And so far, people seem to be really enjoying it.

This “MacDo” (as the Parisians call it) has experimented with their restaurant before, having once had a DIY salad bar option that made up much of the menu back in 2010. But since that didn’t go as well, they abandoned the idea and have tried again. This time, it looks like people are really enjoying the change up even though representatives claim it’s too early to know what the response is.

From the looks of it, this McCafé fits in perfectly with the other adorable coffeeshop-style options in the area and will hopefully do really well.