Celeb nail artist and certified crystal healer Mazz Hanna talks to us about her magickal beauty routine

Sage Aune/@sagepizza

Mazz Hanna is a much-lauded nail artist working with celebrity clients such as Julia Roberts, Constance Wu, Emma Roberts, and Selma Blair, but nail design wasn’t always her journey. For over a decade, she had been working in the male-dominated advertising industry as a creative director. One day, Hanna was flying home from a client meeting that had gone terribly wrong. The panic attack that ensued became the catalyst for her to take the first steps toward a much-needed life change.

Hanna already knew that crystals and nails were passions of hers, so she decided to bring the two together. She quit her job, enrolled in nail school, and got certified in crystal healing. Now, Hanna is living her truth as a celebrity nail artist with her own eponymous skin care line, which she launched in 2018.

Here, we talk to Hanna about her connection to crystals, her beauty routine, and get tips on how to work with crystals to improve our own lives.


HelloGiggles: When did you start working with crystals?

Mazz Hanna: My interest in crystals started when I was a small child, around age 6 or so. I had neighbors who were practicing witches and they had a sizable rose quartz in their backyard. I was innately drawn to it and would often sneak into their garden so that I could touch it—I didn’t realize the significance of this until much later in life. I started working with crystals more seriously about 10 years ago when someone gifted me a crystal that was blessed by a shaman. I could physically feel the energy radiating from it. From that point on I was completely hooked.

HG: What’s your daily makeup routine like?

MH: My makeup routine is fairly simple—I’m a big fan of glowy skin and a cat-eye. After cleansing, I apply a serum and rub it in with my rose quartz facial massagers. After that, I apply Tarte tinted moisturizer and concealer under my eyes to hide my dark circles. Then I seal my concealer with Chanel pressed powder and some Chanel crème blush and highlighter on my cheeks. I love their palette essentialle in 190 eclat solaire—it comes with blush and two different highlighters and is my absolute favorite. Next, I paint on my cat-eye with Tarte Clay Paint Liner. If I’m feeling fancy, I’ll also put on a sparkly shadow that I can apply with my finger, I’m a huge fan of the Marc Jacobs See-Quins in Gleam Girl and the Jill Stuart Jelly Shadow in Nude Dazzle. Then I curl my lashes and apply Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara. The final step is a pink lip, Mac Candy Yum Yum has been my go-to for as long as I can remember.


HG: And skin care?

MH: I have always been maniacal about skin care and have a pretty intense routine, especially at night. Dermalogica works really well with my skin and I have been a loyal fan for years. I use their PreCleanse and Special Cleansing Gel. Then I follow with Fresh Kombucha Toner, before applying my CBD facial oil that I’m currently developing. I massage it into my face with my rose quartz massagers for about a minute before applying moisturizer and eye cream—right now I’m obsessed with Tatcha Water Cream. Skin Medica Eye Cream is always my go-to.

HG: What can someone do to incorporate crystals into their beauty routine, both using your products and with crystals in general?

HG: I infuse all of my products with crystals, even ones that I don’t make myself. I’m also a huge fan of massaging my face with rose quartz. Facial rollers never worked for me since they’re so fragile—I’ve dropped and broken so many—and they’re also difficult to clean. My massagers are small and come in a pair so it’s easy to get a really even facial massage. There’s something so relaxing to me about symmetry and repetition when it comes to facial massage.

When it comes to body, I’m obsessed with my Carnelian Infusion Skin Salve with 250mg of CBD. I have a lot of issues with my neck and back from a car accident I was in in my early 20s and CBD literally changed my life. I no longer had to turn to pharmaceutical meds for pain relief, it’s truly incredible. I also use my skin salve as a deep hydration treatment with my clients. I apply it in a thick layer and then wrap their hands and feet in hot towels to help the product penetrate the skin. It makes their hands and feet super soft.


HG: What are your favorite crystals to work with?

MH: This is such a hard question to answer since I love them all! I’d say that rose quartz is my favorite for anything beauty related. Carnelian is my go-to for any type of pain relief—I make myself a gem elixir with it whenever I feel a cold coming on. I love citrine and pyrite paired together for manifestation. Also, I battle anxiety from time to time, so I always wear three bracelets that my friends at Wax and Wane made for me to stay chill—rhodochrosite for self-love and being kind to myself, lepidolite for stress management and anxiety, and rose quartz enhanced with a Herkimer diamond to attract love and kindness from others. I love their jewelry because it’s affordable, they make things custom, and they get their crystals from trusted sources.


HG: What are some general tips for someone who is unfamiliar and even skeptical about crystals?

MH: I’m a firm believer that crystals are for everyone. I would suggest going into a crystal shop and seeing what crystals catch your attention. Pick them up and hold them, do you feel hot or cold? Do you feel a buzzing in your hand? Open your senses and be genuinely curious, you might surprise yourself. People asked me this question so often, that it inspired me to create a crystal starter kit that includes 10 of my favorite crystals, the “Get Stoned” Crystal Starter Kit, available on my website. It makes things super easy and is a fun and affordable way to dip your toe into the crystal waters. But be careful…you won’t be able to stop collecting once you start!


HG: What are some good crystals to work with for making big changes and reaching goals?

MH: Manifesting is something that I feel extremely passionate about. I manifested everything I have in my life, it’s unbelievable! I especially love using my Manifestation Geode. I write down what I’m trying to achieve on a piece of paper, fold it up, and stick it inside the geode. All of those thousands of little crystal points are directing their energy into what you are trying to manifest. I also love making crystal grids with citrine and pyrite for manifestation. Amethyst is an excellent stone to work with if you are trying to break bad habits and establish new ones.