Just FYI, there’s a cat running for mayor in Siberia

Cats, as we all know, are fiendishly smart critters and basically rule our lives already. So it’s honestly not with that much surprise that today we learned that a cat is running for mayor in Siberia. Yes, every part of that sentence is true, and Barsik, the cat in question, is seeking office for a really pawsitive reason.

According to BuzzFeed, Barsik is a resident of Barnaul, a city in Russia’s Siberia. The city’s previous mayor stepped down due to corruption charges, and an election for a new mayor is being held on Christmas Day . . . a purrfect day for cat dreams to come true.

Barsik’s owner/campaign manager, whose only ID is his username in a local online organizing community, explained that Barsik’s campaign is about unpredictability. Barnaul’s previous elections played out predictably, suspiciously so, and Barsik’s campaign is throwing a wrench in local politics. He’s actually pouncing every other opponent in the field; a poll conducted by a popular Russian website has him with 91.6% (!!!) of the votes. Barsik’s popularity isn’t just limited to his human fans: Just look at how many of his small furry peers are also putting their paws up for him:

Now, chances are that there’s probably a local law in Siberia shutting down Barsik’s campaign. It’s not as though animals have ever run for office and won . . . right?

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