Mayonnaise ice cream exists, and we don’t know what to think about it

Have we taken food mashups too far? With the announcement of mayonnaise ice cream, we think maybe. We already have every food combo we could ever need! There are kale chocolate bars, which basically count as eating salad. And there are pickle milkshakes for people who can’t choose between sweet and savory. Plus, there are mashups like cronuts and wonuts and waffogatos and cragels — the list is never-ending.

Recently, people have gotten extra creative with ice cream flavors. Long gone are the days of vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate ice cream. (Obviously, that’s not true. Those flavors will be classics forever.) But these days, pretty much every ice cream flavor you could ever dream of exists. There’s charcoal ice cream and Flamin’ Hot Cheetos ice cream. And now, there’s even mayonnaise ice cream.

If just reading the words “mayonnaise ice cream” makes you want to shut the freezer and go take a nap, you’re not alone. Cosmopolitan reports that mayonnaise ice cream originated at the Ice Artisan Ice Cream shop in Scotland. We still can’t really find the words for why it exists. Have you ever eaten ice cream and thought, I wish this tasted more like a sandwich? Us either. But apparently, some people have.

If you want to try mayonnaise ice cream for yourself, head on over to Scotland.

Kyle Gentleman, the owner of the Ice Artisan Ice Cream Shop, told The Independent that he got the idea from his “love of mayo,” which is another sentence that might make your stomach turn. Apparently, his recipe is pretty simple: He mixes his homemade ice craem with Hellman’s mayo.

“People actually enjoy it once they try it,” Gentleman told The Independent. “Surprisingly it actually works as an ice cream – creamy and smooth.”

Well, we can sort of see how it could work. After all, some people use mayonnaise as a secret ingredient in cakes for extra moisture or as an alternative to eggs and oil.

Behold: mayonnaise ice cream.

Naturally, people on the internet have very differing opinions about mayonnaise ice cream.

Some are pointing out that people bake with mayonnaise.

To each their own, but it seems like most people are pretty against mayonnaise ice cream.

Even brands are getting in on the horror.

We hope DiGiorno resists the urge to make pizza sauce ice-cream.

What will we think of next?!

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