This shot of Mayim Bialik prepping for Passover is all of us during the holidays

As the start of Passover begins on April 10th, this shot of Mayim Bialik prepping for Passover is all of us during the holidays. And, according to, Bialik’s Passover plan is insanely organized, which we’ll get to in a moment. Whether we celebrate Passover, Easter, or another holiday, we can probably all agree on one thing: Though they’re meaningful and fun gatherings with loved ones, they can also be super stressful. After all, there are foods to prepare that you may not make during other times of the year. (Gefilte fish, anyone?!) Then there’s the guest list to think about, especially if you celebrate with friends instead of family. And, of course, there’s prepping the house so it’s presentable — and so there are places for your guests to actually sit.

Like we said, we related so much to Bialik’s Passover prep photo that she posted on Instagram.

Riiiiiight?! We’ve likely all had to climb onto counters and try to balance on chairs in order to decorate our places. We’re glad to see that Bialik does, too, and we’re not the only ones. (And, quick aside: How much do we LOVE her cat pajama pants?!)

We said we’d get back to Bialik being ~super~ organized about Passover. ICYMI, here’s an Insta post she shared about her Passover planning. All we can say is: WOW, and can she help us, too?!

It also looks like her cooking is in full swing, based on a recent IG post of hers where she thanks a friend for helping out.

Okay, Bialik’s definitely giving us #PassoverPlanningGoals, and we still have time! So excuse us while we go do some planning of our own…