Mayim Bialik is out to take down the “crazy cat lady” stereotype

You might known Mayim Bialik best as the scene-stealing Amy Farrah Fowler on The Big Bang Theory. Or, maybe you know her as Blossom from Blossom, depending on how far back you’ve been watching TV. Now, the actress turned neuroscientist (really) turned actress again is adding another thing to her list of accomplishments: cat lady. Bialik has always been a cat person, and recently adopted another cat, Frances. She fell so head over paws for her new feline friend, she’s decided it’s time to put an end to all “crazy” cat lady stereotypes.

Talking to Parade magazine at — where else? — CatCon LA, Bialik took some time to set the record straight about being a stereotypical cat lady, and also to talk up cat adoption. Bialik believes that the reason so many cats go unadopted is because “there are so many negative stereotypes of cat people.” That is however, far from the case, and there’s nothing wrong with loving your cat so much, you want to post about them all day long on social media.

“I’m a huge cat lover. I read books on cats. I spend time with my cats,” she explains, “I post a lot on social media about my cats. I also post pictures of them. Cat people really do a lot with their cats!” Love for cats shouldn’t go hand-in-hand with being labeled as “crazy” and someone who’s all alone in the world with just them and their 35 cats. No, no, no, that idea is widely outdated, and if there’s anyone out there who can disprove once and for all it, it’s Bialik.

In an effort to still break this mold, she’s partnered up with PetSmart to bring to attention a new image of what it means to be a cat person. Through PetSmart’s #MeowOUT Yourself campaign, she’s trying to end that connotation, and perform one giant “cattitude check” on the world, along with “[proving] that being a cat parent, or even just a cat lover, is something to be proud of!”

You can go ahead and upload selfies of you and your cat to the website, and Bialik will chose her five favorites to then be used on PetSmart cat adoption promotional material. From the looks of the selfies already, she might have a hard time just choosing just five.

And considering how often we find ourselves looking at cat pictures (and videos) online, aren’t we all cat people? Feel like we need to send a big THANK YOU to the cat owners of the world, for providing us with hours of entertainment. And once again, a huge THANK YOU to Bialik for taking a stand against what it means to be labeled as a “cat lady.” It’s not a bad thing to surround yourself with cats.

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