This 4-year-old fashion prodigy just designed a line for J.Crew. For Real.

If you’re an avid Instagram-er, you’ve probably already seen Mayhem, a four year-old fashion genius, and her awesome creations. Now, in a few months, you’ll be seeing them in shops too. J.Crew will be using Mayhem’s totally imaginative designs for their Spring/Summer 2015 Crewcuts kids’ collection.

Mayhem, born in 2009, began her fashion career working with her mom to mimic famous dresses and Oscar get-ups with paper and tissue. Her mom began posting their outfits on Instagram under the hashtag #fashionbyMayhem, and her designs became an instant hit. Over 400,000 Instagram followers later, Mayhem is kind of a big deal.

While this began as a mother-daughter project, Mayhem’s mom writes that, “as [their] dress making was becoming a regular routine, [Mayhem] figured out how to make them entirely on her own.” From this point on, Mayhem began making character requests and discovering new and innovative ways to craft and design. What’s so remarkable about her designs is that not only are they imbued with the authentic creativity of a kid, they’re also really, really well designed.

“When we met with Mayhem for the first time we were really curious to see how she would work and were amazed to watch this barely four-year-old girl start meticulously folding the pleats on a skirt and placing stones very specifically and carefully on a top she had just fashioned around herself,” Jenny Cooper, a lead designer at J.Crew, told Forbes. “She has such an inventive and creative personality that really resonated with us. ”

When J.Crew approached Mayhem about making some dresses, she said what any of us would: “Oh yeah, I totally want to do that.” She then went to work with her supply of jewels, craft paper and tape to design and curate her collection. J.Crew took these paper blueprints and turned them into the real deal for their kid’s crewcuts line.

Over on her blog, Mayhem (and her Mama) give you the scoop on the whole process. Apparently, J. Crew president, Jenna Lyons, reached out to the mother daughter-duo herself. She invited them all out to New York over the summer and they spent the day crafting on the floor and taking selfies. According to Mayhem’s mom, the 4-year-old had so much fun she cried when it was time to go home.

While we still have to wait a few months for the finished product, both Mayhem and J.Crew assure us that they will keep us updated. Is it weird that I want to buy Mayhem’s dresses even though I’m an adult? I don’t think I care!

(Images via Instagram)

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