Maybelline now has a male makeup ambassador, and we totally approve

When we hear the title “makeup ambassador” it’s difficult not to immediately imagine a black and white Hollywood starlet consorting with a king abroad while discussing the finer points of liquid eyeliner. Conversely, the modern reality of the role is far better, as Maybelline just signed a male makeup ambassador, and he just so happens to be one of HelloGiggles’ favorite Youtube beauty bloggers.

The newest to join the team of dark-lashed ambassadors is none other than the internet famous Manny Gutierrez, who is known to his Instagram and Youtube followers as Manny MUA. Whether he’s riffing on the 5-minute makeup challenge with beauty blogger Laura Lee or providing the world with a no mirror makeup challenge tutorial, one thing is for sure: his plate is overflowing.

To add to his resume, Manny is now an ambassador for Maybelline’s #BigShotMascara campaign, making him the first male makeup ambassador for the brand!

He’s a natural at applying club mascara on-screen, which doesn’t surprise us at all.

We also want to know where he scored the golden blazer for this promo video because it’s doing the most.

You know a commercial is doing its job when you want to RSVP to the party inside of it.

This seems like a good omen for 2017 as another strong year for Manny’s career, we’ll lift our champagne glasses to that.

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