Maybelline’s new fairy-inspired highlighter will bring magic to your makeup collection

We’d be hard-pressed to imagine something lovelier than floating away carelessly in the spring air, like a fairy who escaped a Disney movie. While fulfilling our daydreams of glittering wings and flying may prove difficult, Maybelline is coming out with a fairy highlighter so we can at least channel the good looks of our magical, parallel selves.

Unsurprisingly, the colors in Maybelline’s fairy makeup palette look like they were plucked straight out of a storybook. The up and coming Master Fairy Highlight palette from Maybelline features all the whimsy shades under the sun, including a shimmery baby blue shade, a metallic Barbie pink, a pale yellow, and mermaid hair purple.

There’s also a whole palette dedicated to all the decadent purple shades your face could desire.

We officially need more details and release dates, so we can plan for our full transformation into woodland fairies.

We know the Master Fairy Highlight palette is coming soon, but HOW SOON?!

This is one of the many times we wish we had a fairy godmother to do our bidding. She would definitely know the details of this new palette.

We’ll just have to wait a little longer for this magical highlighter to be released into the land of mere mortals.

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