Maya Rudolph impersonates Rachel Dolezal, breaks the Internet

A couple weeks ago, the story of Rachel Dolezal — the now former president of the Spokane chapter of the NAACP — swept across the Internet. Dolezal, a white woman, had been pretending to be Black for the last 10 years — and the story only became more of a doozy from there.

Dolezal may seem like an easy target for some playful parody (if only because her story is so singular and bizarre), but by and large, most comedians left her alone — mostly because they didn’t know where to begin. (Jon Stewart and Jessica Williams, however, did an incredible segment on The Daily Show that is well worth a watch if you haven’t seen it already.)

Luckily, Maya Rudolph isn’t most comedians. Last night, Rudolph stopped by Late Night with Seth Meyers to talk everything from bikini waxing to her new show, The Spoils Before Dying. The two began reminiscing about their time together at SNL, and then Meyers prompted Rudolph’s impersonation of Rachel Dolezal.

The two then did a spot-on parody of the now-infamous “race question” interview — and unsurprisingly, Rudolph totally nails it. If she can’t show off her unmatched ability for impressions on SNL anymore, we couldn’t be happier that she got to bring them to a different late-night show, if only for one evening.

“I think America really missed out,” Rudolph joked. “I’m so glad I brought my Rachel Dolezal wig. I always keep it in my purse.” Cue everyone on the Internet sharing the following video:

Jon Stewart and Jessica Williams on Rachel Dolezal. Just watch.

(Image via video.)