Maya Rudolph spoofing Oprah Winfrey’s bread obsession is making us laugh-cry

Every now and then on Saturday Night Live — when the winds were just right, and the tide was coming in — Maya Rudolph would play Oprah Winfrey, and for one beautiful moment, everything was perfect.

Here’s Maya doing Oprah’s “Favorite Things” (birthday edition). Please pay attention to Tina Fey and Amy Poehler in this sketch too:

And here’s another Maya Rudolph playing Oprah classic:

Now, thanks to the new Maya Rudolph/Martin Short variety show, we have a brand new classic: Maya Rudolph playing Oprah in the Weight Watchers “I love bread” commercial. From the very first words, “I got a confession y’all, I love bread,” we are obsessed with this faux commercial.

Maya/Oprah continues with the hilarity: “Sad? I have some bread. Angry? I fill it with bread.” All we know is that we are filling our lives with this carb ridiculousness.

If you need a reminder of what exactly is being spoofed, here’s the original Oprah bread commercial and it’s almost as funny as Maya’s spoof. I mean, who doesn’t love bread?