Your May tarotscope reading, according to your zodiac sign

Whether you’re looking for love advice or need to know what’s coming up in your career, it’s all in the cards. In our monthly series Tarotscopes, our resident professional witch and psychic medium, Michael Cardenas, gives you a virtual card reading that’ll predict your future—and reveals the deets you need to know according to your zodiac sign. Tune in—then plan accordingly.

This month brings you personal breakthroughs, spiritual awakenings, and even more love. May’s energy is a refreshing, hopeful change of pace from last month’s constant lessons—and, let’s be real—constant anxiety.

This is the positive shift you’ve been needing so badly. So set necessary boundaries, embrace love, and trust yourself.

Find your sign’s personal tarotscope reading below.



Card: Queen of Swords

Your open and loving nature is a beautiful thing, but don’t let people take advantage of you. It’s time to draw some loving but strong boundaries with family, friends, lovers, and anyone else who leaves you feeling drained after interacting with them. This month will bring some personal breakthroughs. The good news is you’ll be in a positive space, so make sure the people around you are matching your energy.



Card: Judgment

New month, new and improved you—quite literally. There is a major shift in consciousness that is helping you see things from a new light and a higher perspective—and this will cause a spiritual awakening to occur. You’re moving past your comfort zone, which is not the most ideal situation for a Taurus, but you’re embracing it. All of this internal transformation might inspire you to transform your look or even your home. Flow with this new energy and create the perfect environment to spend your birthday month.



Card: The Moon

Your intuition is dead-on right now, so follow it without hesitation when navigating social situations and decision-making. You might also feel creatively inspired right now, and I encourage you to create without looking for any outside approval or validation. In fact, it might be wise to keep certain projects a secret until they’re completely finished or ready to be revealed. Trust yourself.



Card: Two of Wands

Don’t dream it, be it! It’s time to think about your vision for the future and make it a reality. You have a pretty clear overview of your situation and it’s possible to make great things happen. Do one thing at a time and you will get there. You’ve done it before, and you can do it again. Believe in yourself. Believe in your vision. You got this.



Card: Queen of Cups

For the purpose of healing your heart, you have to let your guard down to those you love and trust. It’s more than okay to vent if you need to. Remember that Leo is the heart of the zodiac, and your heart is ready to heal. Saying yes to this healing opportunity will create a ripple effect of positive changes in every area of your life.



Card: The Hermit

“Me time” is essential, but don’t forget to take time to connect with others. You’ll feel the need to focus on your deeper needs and possibly tap into your spiritual and philosophical side this month. Enjoy this process. At the same time, you want to remember that, although you’re completely self-sufficient and happy to rescue others by shining your light and sharing your wisdom, it’s okay to reach out to others to get insights and exchange information, too.



Card: Ace Of Cups

It’s so appropriate that one of the most auspicious cards connected to matters of the heart was pulled for Venus-ruled Libra. Stay open to experiencing the type of love you’ve always wanted to experience, because it’s in your path. In fact, be specific. Write a letter to the universe describing your ideal lover. Fold it towards yourself and keep it by your bed. When you’re finished, say your favorite things about yourself in the mirror.



Card: Three Of Pentacles

It’s time to put together your dream team. You’re being guided to attract the perfect group of people to help you bring your vision to life. If you’re working on a creative project, building an online business, or just trying to get the house to run smoothly, accept help when it’s offered to you. You don’t have to do it all alone.



Card: Eight of Swords

The only thing holding you back right now is the way you’re thinking. While both positive and negative thinking are valid and normal, this card suggests that positive changes are possible.

I don’t recommend that people ignore their feelings and use positive thinking as an emotional bandaid; however, I have personally experienced major life-changing transformations from positive affirmations and positive thinking whenever possible or appropriate. Let it flow and process, but don’t get stuck. Remember: If it’s on your mind, it will eventually be in your reality.



Card: Four of Pentacles

Be smart with your spending habits and let go of your scarcity mindset. Remember that like attracts like, so focus on abundance. This is a very positive card related to financial stability. You don’t want to fall into the trap of fearful thinking and let it get in the way of enjoying your life. Try saying positive affirmations to help you feel safe, because you’re stable and loved.



Card: The Lovers

You’re in divine alignment this month; there are several blessings coming through. One is a direct connection to the balanced energies of the universe, which has you experiencing constant synchronicity and perfect timing. There will also be the opportunity for a relationship to spark with someone who’s already in your life. The vibe of the lovers card is, of course, romantic, but it can also refer to close friends or family relationships strengthening. However, I do intuitively feel that this card is specifically talking about romance. Live your best love goddess life and enjoy the cosmic connections.



Card: Page of Swords

This is a fresh injection of hope and enthusiasm. If you’re looking for a sign to move ahead with a new project, new journey, or even exploring new ideas, this is it! However, do keep in mind that it’s always a good idea to stay open to guidance from someone with more knowledge than yourself. Make sure to listen, but don’t let inexperience stop you from moving forward. You might not have all the skills or knowledge yet, but you will catch on quickly and learn as you go. Trust yourself.