This may be the most disturbing roller coaster you’ll ever see

There are few things in life that people absolutely love, or absolutely hate. One of the biggest of this elite list is roller coasters. (Tuna fish probably comes in second place.) To some, roller coasters offer a thrill — others, on the other hand, feel as if they shouldn’t have to pay for the chance to vomit and/or die. It must be said that, while death on a roller coaster isn’t super common, it’s been reported that an accident involving one is more common than a shark attack — and this fact probably weighs heavily for those in the latter group.

But for those thrill seekers out there (“Coasterheads,” as Kimmy Schmidt might say) the scarier, the better. And if you want scary, you might want to book a trip to Taiwan.

A roller coaster called “Gravity Max” may be the scariest roller coaster of all time, and here’s why — it’s a “tilt coaster,” which means that a section of the chain track actually tilts down 90 degrees, before locking into place and dropping down. But words can only say so much. Here’s a video for those who want to see this thing in action.

This roller coaster is currently running at Discovery World in Lihpao Land. The ride is 114 feet high, and riders vertically drop about 13 stories at the beginning of the ride. Currently, Gravity Max is the very first tilt coaster in the world. It was invented by Vekoma, a company that manufactures dutch coasters in the Netherlands. Gravity Max is definitely the most talked-about coaster at Lihpao Land, for sure — their other rides include the Wild Flume Adventure, the Mine Express roller coaster, and a pirate ship ride, called The Hook.

While Gravity Max may look like a lot of fun to you, we’d rather fire up RollerCoaster Tycoon on our PCs, and build our own crazy coasters at a safe distance.