OK, we officially want all of Maude Apatow’s makeup

The always amazing Maude Apatow appeared on the beauty website Into The Gloss recently to talk about her everyday make-up and skincare routine, and now we want to buy everything. The sixteen-year-old is in the midst of college applications, but she’s still got time to indulge in a little beauty regimen. Her minimalist, sophisticated choices go well beyond her years, which makes sense because, as she tells Into The Gloss, she snags a lot of stuff from her mom.

“Sometimes I’ll do my makeup in her room, too,” Apatow explains. If your mom was Leslie Mann, you’d probably steal her stuff too. However, Maude, if you haven’t already noticed from her kickass Instagram, already has her own independent style.

She also has a few foundation go-tos:

“Every day I use Armani Luminessence CC Cream—it’s light and it doesn’t look cake-y. And then I use powder…I have two. The Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Powder Foundation is good in the morning and throughout the day. Then I also have Guerlain Pressed Powder. That one’s lighter, but I’ll use whichever is closest.”

We like your style, Maude.

Lipstick is her big thing, and she has a few favorites. She always tends towards dark or nude colors, keeping things matte but fresh. And, like all of us, she has tons of lip balms. “What happens is I buy them, then I lose them, so I buy more, and then I find them again.” The struggle is real.

She finishes off the look with “a lot of mascara.” Things like eyeshadow and blush aren’t everyday staples for her, but if she does try them out, she’s employs a light touch.

You can peep the rest of her routine, including skincare, in the video below. Thanks for the recs, Maude!

(Image via YouTube/Into The Gloss)