Here are some very good reasons why Chandler and Monica should date IRL

Attention Friends fans: drop everything. One of our favorite TV couples might be dating in real life. According to US Magazine Star, Matthew Perry and Courteney Cox of Friends fame may be in a relationship or at the very least, casually seeing each other (which would be fitting considering the whole “London” thing). There’s no confirmation yet that the two celebs are official (or even remotely seeing or talking to each other) but the very idea of a real life Monica-Chandler partnership is enough to tickle our fancy. Here’s why we’d love a Perry-Cox romance:

1. They could recreate their iconic proposal.

If Perry and Cox actually are seeing each other, then they already will have recreated the start of Monica and Chandler’s relationship with their spontaneous London hookup. All they really have left to do is fake a little bit of laundry time, attempt to seduce Lisa Kudrow, and force Matt Leblanc to keep quiet about their affair before they can top it all off with a candlelit proposal and teary confessions. And if they care at all about our feelings, they will record it and share it with the world.

2. They could invite the rest of the Friends crew to the wedding and launch a reunion.

With the proposal out of the way, Perry and Cox could move onto the next step: the wedding. Using their residuals from the Friends show, they could probably afford to host the wedding in London to commemorate their character’s original romantic rendezvous and they could invite the entire cast (including Matt Leblanc this time…ahem, Jennifer), forcing them all into the same room for the first time in almost a decade and finally making it possible to take a present-day group photo of everyone.

3. We could live out our unfulfilled Monica/Chandler fantasies through their activities.

Think of all the scenarios you wanted to watch play out on Friends that you never got the opportunity to. Chandler and Monica raising their twin babies Erica and Jack in the New York suburbs. Monica struggling to keep Jack’s room clean. Janice stopping by to unexpectedly visit, even though nobody told her where they live. Monica and Chandler taking the kids to Rockefeller Center to go ice skating. Bringing everyone to Santa to take Christmas photos. If Perry and Cox are, in fact, dating, all of these moments could be ours to enjoy.

4. It could further restore hope in dating your BFFs.

Everyone says that, if you want to find true love, you should date your best guy friend or that boy you’ve been putting in the friend zone for years, but not many people actually take their own advice. When That ’70s Show costars Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher announced their relationship in 2012, after knowing each other for over a decade, they made the world do a double take. Could friends really date their best friends and make it out unscathed? Perry and Cox could provide further proof to the argument that, yes, you can. If they dated after over 15 years of knowing each other, it could demonstrate once again that dating your friends is a risk worth taking.

5. They could host fun and not totally disastrous Thanksgiving meals.

Monica and Chandler never had the best of luck when it came to holiday dinners. From a burned turkey to an angry Brad Pitt, there were a number of incidents that prevented them from having a normal Turkey Day. If they dated in real life, they could sit down with all of the other cast members for dinner and push past all that.

6. They won’t have to sneak around, which will make it more comfortable for everyone.

I mean, they may have to dodge the paparazzi every once in awhile but at least they will never have to hide their relationship from us. No more running from apartment to apartment or yelling about who knows what.

So to Courteney Cox and Matthew Perry: if you’re really, truly, for realsies dating, thank you for making our dreams come true and restoring our faith in love. And if not, well, I mean, I guess that’s fine. We’re not mad. Whatever. I don’t know. I’m really emotional right now, can we talk later?

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