Matthew Mcconaughey’s wife, Camila, MAYBE had a better time at the Rio Olympics than her hubby did

Matthew Mcconaughey made a huge splash when he showed up the Olympics and showed off his USA fandom.  But while he might be one of the number one Team USA fans, his wife Camila Alves was there with him, and she’s Brazilian. So Camila was celebrating her home country’s first Olympics, and we think she was having a better time than her hubby.

She was totally getting her samba on!

She got to cheer on her home country of Brazil!

And take selfies with them!

She also got some time with our faves from Team USA!

She knows how to enjoy ALL the amazing Brazilian food!

She showed The TODAY Show some Brazilian faves.

She is also JUST as jazzed as her hubby while watching Swimming.

And she’s gotta make sure he looks away from the sports enough to eat. Now that’s #relationshipgoals!

These two clearly had an amazing Olympics together.

Too cute!