Matthew McConaughey turned down the chance to play a villain in this Marvel movie

The McConaissance almost extended to the Marvel universe. Almost being the key word. Following his roles in Dallas Buyers Club (which snagged him an Oscar), True Detective, and Intersellar, Matthew McConaughey became the go-to actor for just about everything, including Marvel movies.

But, if you’re trying to brainstorm which Avenger would be perfect for his acting chops, his role would have actually been the opposite. In another universe, McConaughey would have joined Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 as the (still unknown) big bad.

According to lots of rumors all across the Internet, McConaughey was reading scripts for upcoming Marvel and D.C. movies. He was thought to be in consideration for the Spider-Man reboot, where he probably would have played Norman Osborn. Now, I’m kinda upset that he’s not doing that, because McConaughey would have made an absolutely terrifying Green Goblin.

Instead, he was offered the villain in Guardians 2. However, as Variety notes super fast, he passed on the part. Pause for a quick second to think about McConaughey going head-to-head with Chris Pratt’s Peter Quill. THAT MATCH UP. Would our brains have simply exploded? Maybe. But sadly, we’ll never see it because that’s the beginning and end of our McConaughey in the Marvel Universe story. Like many things in life, it was just too good to be true.

For unknown reasons, McConaughey passed and got into his Lincoln car and drove away. That means that the role of the villain in Guardians is still up for grabs. Unfortunately, there is literally no other information about this villain in Guardians EXCEPT for the fact that it was offered to McConaughey. Director James Gunn is staying mum about this guy’s identity, so we’ll have to wait and see. And at last count, there are over 1,000 Marvel villains. Now, we’ve just gotta figure out which one would have been perfect for McConaughey.

(Image via Paramount.)