Young Matthew McConaughey faked being Australian for a year, because of course he did

Everyone knows Matthew McConaughey’s unmistakable drawl. That might be why it’s so weird to know that McConaughey pretended to have an altogether different way of speaking. You see, Matthew McConaughey faked an Australian accent for a year, and he told Seth Meyers about it.

His voice is so iconic there’s even a supercut of the weird sounds McConaughey has made in movies. In fact, James Marsden does a killer impression of McConaughey — but then, this parrot’s McConaughey impression may be the best. So, we’re having a hard time processing that he kept up a lie like that for a year.

It all started with McConaughey appearing on Late Night with Seth Meyers to promote Sing. He voices a koala named Buster Moon, but he didn’t adopt a full Australian accent for the part. According to the actor, it would be “a little too literal.”

However, apparently McConaughey does know how to do the accent. And it seems he can even fool others into thinking he’s Australian. At least, he did as a college student.

McConaughey spent a year in Australia between high school and college. Meyers asked him, “is it true that you were one of those people who came back from abroad and you actually brought the accent back with you?”

Apparently, he did – and he probably sounded pretty weird when he returned to Texas. Meyers asked, “Were people into it?” McConaughey replied, “The ladies kinda were, which was why I was doing it.”

It took about a year of college for the actor to finally come clean. McConaughey revealed he wasn’t actually an Aussie. When he dropped it, they asked, “What happened to the accent?” The actor says he replied, “GOTCHA.” We wonder if his friends were upset, or whether it was…alright alright alright.

We think it’s hilarious that Matthew McConaughey basically pretended to be Australian for a year. We definitely wish we had video evidence of it — though maybe James Marsden can incorporate the Australian accent into his impression?