Matthew McConaughey’s dad won a motorcycle in the grossest but most impressive way

Who knew that the McConaughey household had more than one talented kid in the family?! Sing and Gold star Matthew McConaughey recalled a time when his brother brought home the big W and a motorcycle in an actual pissing match.

While paying a visit to The Graham Norton Show, the famed actor gave the play by play of the historic family moment for viewers. It all sounds pretty gross, but we have to admit…it was also kind of impressive.

Matthew McConaughey shared the story of how his brother won his first motorcycle, and it’s hilarious!

Pretty freaking cool, right?

The Brits didn’t look tremendously impressed, but we thought it was kind of a big deal! It’s not the classiest offering, but it certainly got the job done.

Not to mention that Matthew is probably one of the best storytellers ever! His details painted such a vivid picture that we felt as if we were in the barn watching all of the action live. And in that same breath, we can honestly say that we’re so glad we weren’t.

Now, we don’t suggest making actual pissing matches a trend. But, Matthew’s story is inspiring in the “use what you got to get what you want” type of way.