Matthew Lewis designed the funniest Neville Longbottom t-shirt and we need to wear it now

Real talk: everyone knows that the most magical transformation in the Harry Potter film series had nothing to do with spell-casting. Nay, it was instead actor Neville Longbottom’s unexpected journey from awkward tweenhood to what can only be described as bewitching levels of hotness. We still haven’t recovered from Matthew Lewis’s post-Potter photoshoot for Attitude magazine. (Neither has J.K. Rowling, probably.)

And as we’ve seen, Lewis himself isn’t afraid to poke fun at his drastic transfiguration.

This week, the actor blessed us all with the limited-edition release of a fabulous shirt celebrating his former gawkiness.

Oh, and we’ve been promised hoodies, tanks, t-shirts, and sweatshirts as well. Behold the actor and his apparel in all their glory: false

WE NEED ONE NOW. (The shirt, not the Matthew Lewis. Although who are we kidding. We’d take both.)

Lewis himself designed the merchandise, which will be available at for the next two weeks. You can support a good cause, show your Gryffindor pride, AND share your love of all things Longbottom for a mere $24.99. And in case none of this was perfect enough, Lewis promises that a portion of the proceeds will go to children’s charities.

We couldn’t agree more, Ron. Readers, be sure to put this shirt on your Christmas list before it sells out!

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