Hilary Duff’s boyfriend Matthew Koma has a new single out and it’s giving us ~Coachella vibes~

Maybe it’s the warm, scratchy vocals or the summer-friendly beat, but Hilary Duff’s boyfriend Matthew Koma’s new single is serving major Coachella vibes and we are so ready to ditch the cold and head to Coachella Valley. The song’s called “Hard to Love” and immediately mentions sweatpants, headbands and indie bands in the first three lines, so we’d say we’ve hit the mark with this one. Koma’s song is an admittance to being what he calls “hard to love,” after perhaps being a man-child in some areas of life but loving his partner enough to admit to his faults and short-comings and trying to work on them, as hard as it may be. Is this a letter to Hilary herself, warning her to buckle up? Could be, and it’s far more endearing than it sounds, we promise!

“I rule the world from my sweat pants / I got a bitchin’ collection of headbands / I don’t wanna go out and see your friend’s band,” recalls Matthew Koma in his Coachella-ready single “Hard to Love.”


Matthew and Hilary, who just made their red carpet debut less than a week ago, are super cute in this Insta/Polaroid series of shots wherein they goof around and share a cupcake next to a crumby cupcake wrapper for proof. The caption? “Date night”.

“I’ve never been a good dater,” Hilary told Cosmo, recently. “I meet, like, one person a year that I’m maybe attracted to. I never want to be that girl who’s desperate to find a mate.” Ugh, we’re so rooting for this one, though! Hard to love is one thing, but if these two can make it work, we’d be so happy. Imagine the potential collabs and duets? Maybe Matthew can get Hil out of mini-music-retirement! Until then, we’ll keep our eyes open for those upcoming Coachella posters…and hope to see you there. Come on, April — get here already!

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