Matthew Koma Shared a Sweet Tribute on Instagram to “Mama Bear” Wife Hilary Duff

He wrote that she's "an absolute ace at what she was born to do."

Matthew Koma is taking a moment to applaud his wife Hilary Duff…and put her go-to Subway order on blast. Five months after welcoming their second daughter, Mae James, Duff is officially back to working on set, and Koma couldn’t be prouder of her being “an absolute ace at what she was born to do.” And in case anyone was wondering Koma’s secret to keeping Duff “grounded” on her busiest workdays, it’s a turkey and white cheese sandwich from Subway, not toasted. 

On August 31st, he shared a candid photo of Duff cradling Mae to Instagram, writing, One of my favorite pictures of wifey somewhere between supremely fulfilled, exhausted, and why the fuck are you taking my photo.

A few days prior, Duff had announced on her Instagram that production for Hulu’s How I Met Your Father was officially underway alongside a picture of her and some of her castmates. Koma let fans know it’s been “so rad watching her kick into that mode,” while also being a mom to their three children. Koma and Duff became first-time parents together in 2018 after the birth of their daughter Banks Violet and they also share Duff’s son, Luca, age 9, who’s birth dad is Mike Comrie. 

“It’s easy to forget when she’s nailing it as a mama bear, wife, family psychologist and chicken lady, that she was first an absolute ace at what she was born to do,” he continued. “A really fucking cool magic trick. This show is gonna be epic. Also, to keep her grounded – her subway order below.”

Fans of the couple reacted in the comments, praising the two for being #couplegoals, including new dad Daryl Sabara. “I’m not crying, you’re crying,” he wrote. 

Even Duff teased her husband, too. “Oh you’re gunna get it,” she joked before throwing in this flirty line: “This is bound to get him baby number 4 and subway night 3 tonight.” Okay, Duff, we see you!! Super cute. 

We knew we were fans of Koma and Duff, but this just solidified our stanship even more!

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