Cousin Matthew and Lady Mary reunited and there’s visual evidence

Grab your handkerchief and take a seat in the parlor because we’re about to encounter some major Downton Abbey feels.

The show is in the middle of shooting its last season ever (you can start crying now), and it’s been incredibly bittersweet. A few weeks ago the cast and crew threw the village of Bampton a giant party, since that’s where they have shot many outdoor scenes. Then earlier this week, the whole gang reunited together again at a special BAFTA event honoring the drama. Everyone was there, including Hugh Bonneville, Elizabeth McGovern, Allen Leech, Laura Carmichael, and — GASP! — is that Matthew Crawley?? Our Matthew Crawley? IT IS.

Dan Stevens joined Michelle Dockery, aka the one and only Lady Mary, for the most adorable picture together. She posted the image to Instagram with the caption, “I’ve missed this face.” He captioned the picture, “Me & M’Lady together again.”

There aren’t enough handkerchiefs in the world to dry our tears over this: Sad tears because Mary’s one true love Matthew died in a car accident mere SECONDS after meeting their baby boy for the first time; happy tears because they’re together again and everything is perfect in the world for a few more moments. If only it could stay like this forever. If only we could go back to Season 3 and stop time and just stay in the happy days of Mary and Matthew forever.

Even though Stevens hasn’t been on the show since Season 3, that didn’t stop him from turning up for Downton’s big night at the BAFTAs, where the whole cast and crew were honored for their phenomenal success.

The final eight episodes of the series (plus one Christmas special!) will air later this year on ITV over in England, and hopefully in early 2016 stateside. They will be sans Matthew, of course. Unless Downton is going for the ghost approach for its last stretch. Probably not. But that would certainly cause all sorts of gossip in the house.

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[Images via ITV and Instagram]