Why it really matters that Taylor Swift “confirmed her relationship” with Calvin Harris

This week, Taylor Swift posted an Instagram photo of herself and Calvin Harris adorably riding an inflatable swan, thus confirming that they spent some quality time together on a Wednesday … because they are officially dating! “Swan goals,” reads the caption, even though if you squint hard enough it reads, “relationship goals.” The pair was already seen supporting each other at the Billboard Music Awards in May, and have apparently been hanging out since March.

It’s awesome that Taylor looks so happy with her new boo, but this new relationship dulls in comparison to the most important one in her life: the one with her fans. Two years ago at the BBMA’s, Taylor addressed her fan-base during one of her acceptance speeches. “You are all the longest and best relationship I have ever had,” she said, as every one of us ran to our craft closets to start gathering friendship bracelet supplies.

And she’s not leading her fans on—she really does show them her love. Taylor has given back to her “Swifties” in some extraordinary ways, whether it’s by talking a fan through a break-up on Tumblr or sending a fan a check for $1,989 out of the blue. In this way, she feels accessible, like any minute she might text us with an invite to be in her next music video (um, please).

While it’s fabulous that Taylor maintains such a close, caring relationship to her fan base, it’s also pretty darn fabulous that she maintains a caring relationship with herself. She’s cleverly dodged paparazzi to secure privacy she needs to feel healthy, she’s created an epic support system of family and friends for herself, and she’s taken criticism and used it as power. Taylor heard rumors about her dating habits and, instead of allowing herself to wallow in them, used them to write songs like “Shake It Off,” and “Blank Space.” Her confidence, strength, and sense of humor is inspiring … and makes for some ridiculously catchy songs.

Obviously, we are so excited for Taylor and Calvin: they are so talented and cute together. However, because it’s so clear that Taylor loves us and loves herself, this new relationship means that much more. Taylor is incredible on her own, so having a boyfriend must be like the cherry on top of the best, most glittery sundae in all the world.

As long as you’re happy, Taylor, we’re happy, too. Thanks for doin’ you.

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