For $300, kids can make their own toys with Mattel’s new 3D printer

The 2016 International Toy Fair is in full swing in NYC, and some amazing things are happening. Every year, companies from around the world come to the fair to unveil new toys. This go-round, they’re taking things to the next level by starting with traditional toys and giving them a whole new high-tech spin. TBH we can’t quite believe what we’re seeing. (Our inner kid is doing backflips.)

Just yesterday we told you about Mattel’s new Hello Barbie Dreamhouse, which is straight-up like something out of The Jetsons. And now we’re hearing about another classic favorite that’s been given a new tech makeover by Mattel. Remember the ThingMaker? Maybe you don’t…it came out in the 1960’s, and it looked like this:

The ThingMaker came with bottles of “goo” that you poured in metal molds to cook your own creepy crawly things, like centipedes, worms and cockroaches. Basically, things your mom was completely delighted to find buried in the sofa cushions. Well, meet the new ThingMaker, guys. This make-your-own-toy machine has been completely overhauled and is now a…(wait for it)…3-D printer!

According to The Verge, the new ThingMaker works with both IOS and Android apps so kids (or adults…come on, you know this sounds AMAZE) can design their own toys on their smart phone or tablet and then send those designs wirelessly to the 3-D printer. The app comes preloaded with “dozens of basic blueprints (including rings, necklaces, scorpions, dinosaurs, and skeletons)” that you can arrange into custom designs.

The new ThingMaker is targeted at ages 13 and up, and comes with safety features like a retractable printing head to make sure kids don’t hurt themselves while becoming the next tech masterminds. The app is already up and running, and you can preorder the ThingMaker on Amazon later today, although it won’t ship until fall. How much will it cost you? $299, which also happens to be the price of Barbie’s new Dreamhouse.

Decisions, decisions.

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