Matt Smith: MY Favorite Doctor

For those of you who did not know, I am a HUGE Doctor Who fan. The current Doctor, Matt Smith, is one of my favorite Doctors. I can tell he really loves the Doctor as much as the rest of us Whovians and that means a lot. I am so sad to say that for those of you who did not know, Matt Smith is leaving the series later this year. How could TV do this to me?! First Merlin where they kill King Arthur (although he will rise again!), now this?! In honor of Matt leaving, here are 5 things I have learned from him. 1. Bowties, suspenders and fezzes are cool I mean, I always thought they were dorky or weird but Matt showed us. “Bowties are cool,” he’s been known to say. Also, “Fezzes are cool.” I mean, suspenders probably wouldn’t work on me, but they TOTALLY work on Matt ? Ergo, suspenders are cool. Above is a photo of my friend Dylan. He came to school one day dressed like this. I thought it was too awesome not to take a photo.
2. Life Is Not a Lonely Island Matt Smith’s Doctor taught me that even if you are lonely, make a friend or two. And try to not let them die. He also taught me putting your guard up is never the answer to sadness, although he tends to do that at times! 3. Curiosity may kill the cat, but it won’t kill you

I found Matt’s Doctor’s curiosity with Clara and her mystery fascinating. Why was his so interested in the mystery of the Impossible Girl? Was it because he just needs to know answers? Maybe? See? His curiosity drives him to solve what is the impossible and that taught me to not give up, not even when I’m facing something really challenging. Because the answer is within my reach, if I try..4. You can do a lot with a telephone box and a screwdriver I love the Doctor’s obsession with his sonic screwdriver. I mean, I can see why he’s so obsessed, it can do a lot that a Time Lord can’t. I think it’s amazing and funny how of all things he could choose as his weapon, he chose the sonic screwdriver. I still will  never understand how it works. And then there’s the telephone box, which you know is not just a telephone box, it’s the friggin’ TARDIS! And the TARDIS can take you anywhere in time and space. 5. We will do anything for the ones we love I love Matt, because he really shows so many sides of the Doctor. Matt would go around the world (literally) and back 100 times for Clara. Or Amy. Or Rory. Or River Song. And everyone else he loves. And Matt Smith really makes you believe that his Doctor would. I mean, come on.

So there are five reasons why Matt Smith became my favorite Doctor. I’m really looking forward to listening to the Nerdist’s podcast when Matt is on and also watching every other Matt Smith-related Comic-Con 2013 video I can get my hands on. This will be his last comic con as The Doctor, you know. Sniff.