Matt McGorry practicing his NYE dance moves is, um, interesting

Celebs, they’re just like us. How to Get Away with Murder star Matt McGorry posted a video on Instagram of him dancing captioned, “Always important to warm up your dance moves at home before doing them in public.” The dance is basically just a lot of pelvic thrusting and butt shaking, which if you have ever watched HTGAWM you know that those are Asher’s signature type of move. The clip was hashtagged #NewOrleans, where the actor and a friend are on vacation.

It seems that he is taking a break from his political activism to enjoy the holidays. While he was in his hometown of New York City, he took part in a few protests, which he documented in several Instagram Stories. His activism has become well known; much of his social media feeds are dedicated to activism. He posted many videos and Instagram Stories from Standing Rock where he supported the #NoDAPL fight and has become a supporter of intersectional feminism.

Him and his “bro,” as McGorry calls him in the video also had some more fun in the hotel pre-gaming for the big nit.

And it looks like they ended the night with a fab dinner — albeit super private.

But in the meantime, sometimes you gotta let loose and have a good time. Dance on, Matt.