Matt LeBlanc picks between Monica and Rachel, he totally pulls a Joey when answering

When Lady Gaga asks you a question, you better have a good answer. The mother of Joanne asked Friendsstar Matt LeBlanc a very pertinent question on The Late Late Show with James Corden last night: Would LeBlanc ~ rather ~ Monica or Rachel? And LeBlanc’s answer was something straight out of the mouth of Joey Tribbiani.

After some awkward stuttering and rubbing of clammy hands on his thighs, LeBlanc answered, “I would have me some Phoebe. She’s very bendy.”

Fellow Late Late Show guest, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and host, James Corden, erupt with laughter along with the audience. “That’s a good answer!” Corden yells as he points to Lady Gaga. “Is that the right answer?” he asks Gaga.

“Matt,” Gaga responds while holding her new signature pink hat, “That is correct.”

Watch the video below to get the full picture. It is going to make you cackle.

This answer reminds us of our favorite “Joeyisms” throughout the 10-year run of Friends. For the occasion, we’ve pulled together some of the best and most memorable Joey moments of all time.

Joey’s surefire way to pickup chicks:


When Joey landed that Japanese lipstick commercial. How did he not get famous from this?


When he attempted to use air quotes correctly and absolutely failed.


Or the time when he asked hard-hitting questions when everyone else was beating around the bush.


And we cannot forget the time he put on all of Chandler’s clothes TO PROVE A POINT and then BECAME CHANDLER.


Of course the list goes on, but if we kept going, we’d be here all night.

You can catch LeBlanc on Seasons 1-4 of Episodes, currently available via Showtime‘s website.

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