Matt LeBlanc live-tweeted the ‘Friends’ Thanksgiving marathon and it was wonderful

Thanksgiving might be done and over with, and more than likely you’re still working through a whole fridge full of leftovers. While those might grow tiresome after another day, the leftover Friends Thanksgiving episodes never will. They can be watched at any time of the year, for any reason, but are served best when marathoned with a side helping of LeBlanc-isms.

This past weekend, Joey Tribbiani himself, aka Matt LeBlanc, got in on the Friends Thanksgiving feels, and started tweeting along to TBS’ Friends Turkey Day marathon.

LeBlanc has had a Twitter for six days as of right now (better late than never, right?) and has already put his 140 characters to good use. His Thanksgiving tweets started off simple enough, with a quick shoutout to everyone watching “The One With The List,” “The One With Rachel’s Other Sister” and my personal favorite, “The One With Chandler In A Box.”

From there, LeBlanc got into the #TBT spirit, with a picture from the perfect #TBT Friends flashback episode, “The One With All The Thanksgivings.”

Yes, we do remember that time Joey got a turkey stuck on his head. Monica did the same thing, too. And what’s it like having a turkey on your head? Get ready for the most Joey-pun ever, that would have had the studio audience rolling around with laughter.

LeBlanc also had some Joey-words for fans asking him about how he’s, uh, doin’.

Nice. Let’s plan to do this again next year, what do you say, LeBlanc? We’ll bring the turkey this time.

(Image via NBC)

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