Matt LeBlanc went through a scary, dark period after he finished playing Joey

CORRECTION: Matt LeBlanc tweeted after this story circulated clarifying that he had neither had a nervous breakdown after Friends, nor given an interview to the Mirror.

Despite a decade of bringing laughter and light to millions through his work as the lovable Joey Tribbiani, Matt LeBlanc recently admitted his life hasn’t always been as carefree.

The actor recently opened up about the period of his life after Friends and his spinoff show Joey, which was not what you’d expect from the happy-go-lucky character he played on TV. Burnt out from his crazy work schedule, he said he had no desire to have a schedule and often didn’t leave the house. He called it “A very dark time.”

His biggest motivation to keep going came from his love for his daughter, Marina. Inspired to be there for her, especially after his daughter was diagnosed with the degenerative brain disease corticol displaysia (she would later outgrow, thank goodness), he continued to work on himself to try and be a better father and role model to his young daughter.

Matt seems to be in a good place now and feels like he’s stronger for this darker experience. In speaking about it, hopefully he can help inspire others who may be going through similarly dark periods that there is still plenty of happiness to experience, so to keep pushing through. Which is a wonderful message delivered from a delightful performer we hope to be seeing on the big and small screens again very soon.

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