Yes, Matt Lauer texted Hoda Kotb after learning she was replacing him on “Today”

Some good news to kick off 2018! Veteran journalist and longtime NBC host Hoda Kotb was officially named co-anchor of The Today Show, where she’ll anchor opposite Savannah Guthrie. It was a role previously held by Matt Lauer, until NBC fired him for “inappropriate sexual behavior.” The two NBC talking heads appear to be on good terms, though: Matt Lauer texted Hoda Kotb after he found out she was replacing him on Today. And you know what? Good.

Matt Lauer texted Hoda Kotb to congratulate her for replacing him, which is a good and smart move.

Lauer’s legacy at NBC will forever be tarnished by his history of reported sexual abuse and the network’s alleged willingness to cover it up. On the bright side, though, he texted well wishes to his replacement — a journalist, woman of color, and survivor of Kathie Lee Gifford’s Wine Wednesday — and Kotb appreciated it. As the new Today co-anchor told ET, Lauer “said congratulations and some really nice words, and it meant the world when I saw the text pop up.”

Lauer’s blessing “meant the world” to Kotb, in her own words.

And she went on to say, “It’s complicated when you are surprised by revelations, but you still care deeply for somebody who’s a friend. I think for all of us, we’ve just been trying to navigate through that, with straightforwardness and honesty and integrity.” Honestly, she’s so diplomatic, so original, and so funny, it’s a wonder why she wasn’t named co-anchor of Today in the first place.

Kotb will take over Lauer’s role on Today ASAP. You go, girl.