Matt Lauer admitted the whole choker thing was a joke, and we’re a little disappointed

Matt Lauer basically made male fashion history yesterday when he showed off a thick black choker on live TV. The Today host said on-air that he was a big fan of chokers. He even said he’d been wearing one for years. And if that wasn’t enough to shock his co-hosts and the millions of people watching, he unbuttoned his shirt and showed off this masculine choker style.

But today, he clarified that he was just joking around.

After so many people chimed in about whether or not men’s chokers were a “thing,” Lauer came clean. Sadly, the TV personality doesn’t actually sport a hidden daily choker.

Lauer explained to the Today crew (and the rest of America) the decision the next day.

He said, "Can I just say, [the] producers thought it would be funny. I put it on five seconds before 'Trending.' I took it off five seconds after 'Trending.'"

So, sadly, he was just messing with us all along.

After his explanation, he joked about opening up his collar and revealing the choker again. But, of course, it wouldn’t be there since – despite it looking fierce – it is not an actual part of his usual wardrobe.

His co-hosts actually noted that it didn’t look all that bad.

Despite so much of the backlash from other people who couldn’t imagine the male choker trend catching on, we also sort of loved the idea. But we also love Lauer’s great sense of humor to even play along in the first place.

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