Matt Damon says Ben Affleck is “Mr. Mom-ing” it post-rehab

We’ve admittedly been wondering how Ben Affleck has been doing since completing rehab for alcohol addiction earlier this month. And good news — it sounds like he’s moving forward in a super positive way. At CinemaCon, Matt Damon said Ben Affleck is ‘Mr. Mom-ing it‘ in an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

"He's with the kids now, couldn't be happier," Damon told ET." Jen's working for a couple weeks in Atlanta, so he's Mr. Mom-ing it right now. And that's what he wants to be doing."

We’re SO glad to hear that Ben is doing well. (However, side note, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention that the phrase “Mr. Mom” is a little outdated. It’s 2017 and taking care of your own children shouldn’t just be equated solely with moms. How about just saying he’s, “being a great dad”? But we digress).

All that aside it is great to hear that Affleck is doing well and spending quality time with his kids. In his recent Facebook post, Affleck mentioned that one of his main reasons for completing rehab in the first place was to be the best possible father he can be, and we have so very much respect for that.

via giphyWe wish Ben the very best as he continues with his personal recovery. He seems to have an awesome support network in place, and a genuine desire to be living life to the fullest.