Matt Damon is FINALLY talking about his ponytail situation

This summer brought us something incredibly essential and life-changing. Obviously, we’re talking about the birth of Matt Damon’s ponytail. He debuted the ‘do during a press event in Beijing for The Great Wall, and people, well, certainly had a lot to say about it — namely, that it’s super, super sexy. Seriously, look at it:

So when Matt went on The Graham Norton Show on Friday, Graham had to bring up the subject of Matt’s ponytail. Unfortunately, Matt’s ponytail is no longer and he came to the show sporting his normal short hair look. That said, he did chat about the long hair, explaining that it was a result of hair extensions — hundreds of them. Getting that ponytail took a full-day of hair extension application and Matt learned something that many of us already know, in the process: Long hair can be ultra annoying to deal with.

“I have a whole new appreciation for my wife and daughter,” he told Graham through laughter. “It’s very hard to do.”

Graham then brought up another topic in the ponytail realm: the public’s, um, sexually charged reactions to the Great Ponytail of 2015. He read some pretty hilarious tweets to Matt, and without giving it away, we’ll just say that said tweets included words like “ovaries” and “explode.” Check out the whole clip for yourself below, and join us in praying that Matt will bring back the ponytail for good.

Also we’re gonna warn you right now, some of the language in this clip is rated-R. It’s still hilarious though.

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